To choose the background and mounts we put a small sample of all your petals and greenery on different coloured backgrounds.

Your own spare wedding and bridesmaid dress material can be used. If not, We have a stock of material at the studio.

You then choose the mounts, the card that surrounds the picture, and place them next to your flowers on the background until your perfect match is found.

We have a wide selection of background, mounts and frames to choose from.


We have over 50 frames to choose from, and be assured that we use conservation glass for a lasting finish, which resists the fading and discolouration of time.

When choosing a frame, you need to think about where you will be hanging the picture, your colour scheme and style of interior at home, also the wedding theme and colours.

You select possible frames and test them next to the pad of material with your flowers and mounts.

Once you have chosen a frame we can show you the price list and how much that frame is in all different sizes.

The Groom's button hole can be placed on the mounts. We can also use any ribbons, confetti, diamantes or crystals found in the bouquet in the picture.

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