Before: Care of Flowers

After the wedding, the sooner we receive and preserve the flowers, the better. The freshness of the flowers is directly related to the quality of the final picture.

After the wedding, flowers should be kept cool and dry though NOT in the fridge. If the bouquet is a tied bunch, the stems can be dipped in water, but flowers and foliage should be kept dry. If it is a wired or oasis bouquet, you may keep the oasis moist, but the flowers and foliage MUST be kept dry. If staying in a a hotel, ask them to keep the flowers somewhere cool overnight, for example a cellar.

The flowers can be hand delivered to us, we can collect them, for a small fee, or they can be posted to us. This needs to be arranged in advance.

After: Pressing

Most flowers press well, although they all change colour either to itensify in colour, or they acquire a more gentle hue.

Flowers with waxy petals have a strong colour change but when mixed with other flowers, they blend in well.

We can show you examples of the flowers you'll be having after they have been in the press.

Pressing the flowers takes 6 weeks, after which you choose the background, mount and frame. The finished display will be ready 4 weeks after the final selections have been made.

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